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Rotherham HQ chosen by Kettleball company

Century Business Centre in Manvers is back up to the pre-recession level of 100% occupancy, with the latest new business to relocate here offering a unique form of fitness.

Yorkshire Kettlebells, owned by Liam O'Brien, who has moved to Rotherham from West Yorkshire, recognised how the Dearne Valley is an up and coming area and thought it would be the perfect base to offer personal training and kettlebell classes.

Liam is the head coach for the only kettlebell team in Yorkshire, which is the second biggest team in the country. A former night club manager who ran several clubs in Leeds in the late 90s and early 2000s, Liam decided to opt for a healthier lifestyle in 2006 and began training to become a fitness coach.

He came across Kettlebells at one of the gyms he trained in and became fascinated with this form of exercise which is hugely popular in places like Slovenia, Russia and the Ukraine.

Liam O'Brien said: "I'd looked at quite a few different business units around West and South Yorkshire, but Century Business Centre was perfect for my studio. It has great access from local towns and RiDO really helped and supported me to get started. I've transformed the office space into a fully equipped gym and fitness studio for kettlebell training and I'll be holding one-on-one training and small group sessions from September."

"It can be a bit daunting at first setting up on your own, but I've had some great support from Anne Adderley, RiDO's Business Centre & Soft Landing Zone Coordinator and from Kev the caretaker here. As I was on a waiting list, Anne got in touch as soon as a suitable unit became available and she's been brilliant giving me advice and useful contacts of local suppliers. Kev gave me some good advice when refurbishing my unit and also some practical support, like giving me a lift when I had some new kit delivered!"

Liam is a fully qualified kettlebell instructor, as well as qualified as a personal trainer and nutritionist. He has many Silver and Gold medals for competing in kettlebell championships in the UK and across the world. He is also a keen runner, having completed several marathons in the Sahara desert.

Liam said: "Kettlebells offer a completely unique form of training. It's not about building muscle, but about toning and firming. Lots of women, as well as men are involved and even end up competing in national and international championships."

Keen to keep improving his own performance, Liam has his own coach who is one of the world's great kettlebell champions, based in Slovenia, a guy called Gregor Sobocan, who is president of the European Giveroy Sports Association.

It's not only kettlebell fitness training that Liam offers, he also provides a full nutrition programme. Liam says: "What you eat is equally as important as how you train and I work out a nutritional plan for my customers, to make sure they can achieve their optimum performance."

Amanda Parris, Soft Landing Zone and Business Centres Manager for RiDO, said: "We're pleased to welcome Liam to the business centre. He's offering a really refreshing approach to fitness and we wish him well at this very exciting time for his business!"

Liam recently held his first kettlebell tournament at Manvers Waterfront in the Dearne Valley in August, which attracted competitors from Scotland, Manchester and Darlington.

He concludes: "Kettlebell training is a relatively unknown form of fitness here in the UK, but is huge in many Eastern European countries. I'm offering very flexible coaching here, individual and in small groups, with morning, lunch time and evening sessions to fit around work patterns. It's all about improving fitness, helping people to feel better about themselves, get a better quality of life, as well as becoming more toned and having better definition."

Yorkshire Kettlebells has had some great support from local businesses too, with much of his gym equipment supplied by Lightmain, based in Wath, a company that designs and manufactures leisure and play equipment.

Many businesses in RiDO's Business Centres and in the Rotherham area are benefiting from RiDO's Growth and Prosperity in Rotherham (Soft Landing Zone) project. This aims to assist Rotherham companies in accessing international markets and helps foreign inward investors who choose to locate to RiDO's business centres. The project is supported financially by the European Union. It has attracted £842k investment from the European Regional Development Fund as part of Europe's support for the region's economic development through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme 2007-13.

For more information on personal coaching or group classes at Yorkshire Kettlebells, visit the website www.yorkshirekettlebells.com or call 07881 525572

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